About Us

About Blue Cottage Coffee

Blue Cottage Coffee was founded in 2018 based on the passion to provide healthy aromatic coffee to the community. The name itself is an embodiment of our deeper connection with coffee. The word "blue" in the name depicts the stirring spirituality of the African-America music genre. Whereas, cottage indicates that the inspiration for our distinctive coffee originated from research on the magical beans in a small house close to nature.

"At Blue Cottage Coffee, we put our heart and soul into creating the perfect coffee experience for our customers, from our heart to yours, Embrace the magic of all things Coffee!"

Blue Cottage Coffee is a name synonymous to coffee love. It was our passion and love for coffee that allowed us to venture deeper into coffee excellence. We started off this exciting venture in 2016. By early 2019 we had introduced a plethora of different coffee related products including various aromatic roasted coffee beans, syrup and even the most efficient of coffee makers, machines, and tools. We also offer consultation to make sure you choose the perfect coffee machine for your requirements, as well as he required training.

All of this and more to make sure that you enjoy a coffee experience that you deserve. What has made us proud is the fact that our experienced R&D team is certified CQI Q-Arabica Grader. It also fulfils the high standards as set by the Speciality Coffee Association.

We Aimed to Be

Our aim is to instill the love of coffee in more people while allowing those who are consistent fans to experience the phenomenal taste of authentic coffee beans.

"We envision to be recognized as a symbol of finest coffee internationally and locally so as to achieve a benchmark of being retailers of exceptionally roasted coffee beans, coffee machines, and more"